What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this comedy is based on HBO's hugely popular series Sex and the City TV series, which has garnered quite a following among teens thanks to DVDs and edited reruns in syndication. The movie is very similar to the unedited version of the show -- meaning that while it's warm and endearing (for the most part), it's also quite raunchy. There's plenty of frank talk about sex, sometimes in front of a child (though the characters use a euphemism to shield her from their usual saucy banter). There's also a fair amount of partial nudity (both female and male, including breasts and butts), a brief male frontal shot (or, rather, a glimpse of the front from the side), and characters shown in various sexual positions. Also expect lots of salty language, a good bit of drinking, and piles of high-end brand names and products. But, all of that said, just like the series, the sex and shopping aren't really the point here -- the women's friendships are.
  • Families can talk about how the movie presents sex. Is it all just for fun, or are there consequences? If so, what are those consequences?
  • What messages are teens likely to take away from the movie about relationships?
  • Does the movie deal with the same issues as the series? Is the quest for love still the central theme? If so, what kind of love? In the end, does a woman need a relationship to be whole?
  • What's the glue that binds these characters together? What role do friends have in your life? Do they sometimes take the place of family? Why?
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