Five Word Review

By denbob
Written May 30, 2010
old tired insincere shallow bad
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i love it!!!!!

Written May 27, 2010
Sex and the City 2 is delightful!!! The girls are dealing with everything all of us girls deal with too!!! Motherhood, keeping the sparkle in our marriages, aging, menopause - and wearing the right outfit! The girls look great, the warerobes are over the top, and the jokes keep coming. And Chris Noth looks hotter then ever! For a FUN, HAPPY time go see it! No one dies, gets divorced, ill, or any of the ugly things about life! It's pure fun!! and lots of laughs!!!
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Five Word Review

By Eric7740
Written April 21, 2010
fabulous awesome superb fantastci wonderful
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Five Word Review

By BillyNYC
Written May 22, 2010
Oh Plesae not again SICK!
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What were they thinking?

By psusie10
Written June 02, 2010
The movie had some great parts and I love the characters of Sex in the City. I was disappointed in this movie from the point when Samantha was offered the trip, I felt as if I was watching a politcal correctness commercial about how the middle east is good, and all of that business with Miranda walking around with her book and explaining about the culture. MY personal feeling is that after 911 WHY would you take 4 New Yorkers and send them to the middle east, what a slap in the face... I probably WILL NOT purchase this one to add to my collection :( what were the writters and producers thinking?? OH wait! yes it must be that "political correctness thing!?"
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