Sex and the City 2 Synopsis
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) crosses paths with Aidan while on vacation with the gals in Abu Dhabi.
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Five Word Review

By denbob
old tired insincere shallow bad...

i love it!!!!!

Sex and the City 2 is delightful!!! The girls are dealing with everything all of us girls deal with too!!! Motherhood, keeping the sparkle in our marriages, aging, menopause - and wearing the right...

Five Word Review

By Eric7740
fabulous awesome superb fantastci wonderful...

Five Word Review

By BillyNYC
Oh Plesae not again SICK!...

What were they thinking?

By psusie10
The movie had some great parts and I love the characters of Sex in the City. I was disappointed in this movie from the point when Samantha was offered the trip, I felt as if I was watching a politcal...

huge fan since day 1

By stanfordb.
terrible. the gals connection which has been the real star of the series was gone. not very funny or witty. fashion was awful. actually very racist. i was very very very disappointed. i watched the...

This was my very first experience with SATC....

By lovestalentmoviefan there are certain things that I am just not qualified to address here.They must have been shooting for their target audience and did it successfully,judging from these reviews. I think the only...

Five Word Review

By Kay M
It`ll be Great Can`t wait...

Samatha is as wild as ever

By ottoheckle
The old crew is back with more glitz than ever. After the gay wedding at the start I was afraid I'd have to watch two more hours of Big Apple hum-drum , but the escapade abroad saved the movie.I was...

These women need to grow up with their fans

By birac
Miranda is the only one who seems to have done that. The other three are caricatures!!! Samantha's role should be empowering to women in that age group,however,she's just saying that the only way to...

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Rated R | For Some Strong Sexual Content and Language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Shopping, sex, and stereotypes merge in trite sequel.
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