Beavis and Butthead meet the Blair Witch project

By Wetsons
Written March 19, 2009
Beavis and Butthead discover America. Two mildly retarded vikings get left behind by their men after being attacked by Indians in the year 1007 AD or thereabout. I think they left them behind on purpose. All these two Jackasses do is wander through the woods for two hours killing any form of life they can find. Giant low budget snooze fest. Many people walked out on this crap whole of a movie. I wish I did too.
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By Karajita
Written March 12, 2009
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Severed Ways

By ecolasante
Written June 17, 2015
I really did not like the movie because the filming gave really weird views of people in it and other things like, why do I need to see a close-up picture of a viking's ****coming out of his ***?! Many times I thought the theater was making a mistake in its showing because of how shaky the camera was. There was also very little plot or action to stir you emotionally
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not for everyone

By bridget olive
Written March 16, 2009
The most amazing movie I've seen in years! It is beautiful, haunting, and challenging. The film makes no compromises and disregards all conventions. I found it really deep and inspiring.
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Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America

By LFiorica
Written March 19, 2009
Yes, I liked this movie, it depicited the reality of that time and what was running through their mind.
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