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I love fantasy adventure!

By katsu3
Written February 08, 2015
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it wasn't bad

By douglas041991
Written February 07, 2015
It wasn't bad but wasn't good either
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Not Good

By samendoza1001
Written February 08, 2015
It was not that bad, but it was definitely not good
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Overall A Good Movie

By bellarhoades
Written February 08, 2015
I made the classic mistake of reading the book (in this case, the 1st two books) then going to see the movie. Do yourself a favor, Don't. They have the basic characters show up. However, some of the characters even switch sides. The movie itself was fun, it even had my son jump a few times. Some pretty cool graphics. My husband (who is not a major sci-fi fan) thought it was good but nothing special. While my brother-in-law (who is a sci-fi fan) thought the story was okay, acting so-so, it needed more action. My main issue was they tried to squeeze 2 books into one movie and I felt they missed the whole point. You want to like the main characters but it really lacked any kind of character development. Sorry, but this was not my favorite.
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Warning: Must Not Go Rating

By gregmccoy
Written February 08, 2015
This is first review I've written because added warren people not to see this movie. This is a waste of time and money. Apply in the writing for predictable and boring . . Thing from jeff bridges and julian moore was adequate however it was not enough to overcome the plotholes and poor acting from the rest of the cast. I wanted to see a decent action movie but I only walked away with less cash and more confusion as to why this film was made.
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