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Seventh Son

By alfredpozos
Written February 19, 2015
This is an average adventure movie that takes place in medieval times. Beautiful scenery, good but predictable action. scenes and stereotypical characters. As an adult a nice way to spend a couple of hours if you cannot find another movie Too violent for little ones but 12-15 might find this enjoyable
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By circusmonkey112
Written February 06, 2015
This movie was nothing like the book it was based off of.
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We really like it but I wish it could be series.

By Asmodean
Written February 07, 2015
Maybe I have been spoiled over the recent years with Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Hobbit but I guess I'm not satisfied with just a stand alone fantasy movie anymore. The only fantasy movies I can think of in the last decade that were only 1 movie were the ones that failed at the box office that would have had sequels like Eragon. Anyway for what it was I only had two complaints...SPOILERS>>>> 1) The witch queens lieutenants...if they were so powerful why were they so easy to defeat...not one of them showed that they were more powerful than a standard witch AND why did they do nothing but hide all the years that the queen was locked up? In my opinion at least one of them should have gotten away and been the main bad guy in a sequel and 2) If the new apprentice is so powerful because he is the seventh son and the son of a witch then why don't all the spooks try to marry and have kids with witches for the offspring?
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seventh son

By jlnichols12939
Written February 07, 2015
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By jjac93
Written February 07, 2015
Awesome movie!!! I don't understand the hatred.
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