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By orphanofchaos
Written February 08, 2015
I haven't read the books so I don't know if there really just wasn't that much story to work with or if the screen writer and director are at fault for such a thin plot. I can see this making the rounds on the SyFy channel in the future. Entertaining B rate flick at a high price.
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3 D was no good

By rdmntbikes
Written February 07, 2015
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Seventh Son

By rhombus96
Written February 09, 2015
Not as awful as critics lead me to believe. the film was entertaining and a pretty decent fantasy film. It seemed like a four hour story that was crammed into a two hour running time. so, it did feel rushed over. I think this was a nice overview of the original novel but a miniseries or a two film treatment would've better served what looked like a rich and fascinating world. hoping this gets a worthwhile extended edition release when it hits the home video market. I might also check out the orignal Seventh Son books also. I would say that the film is worth seeing for the special effects, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore (plus a pleasant appearance by Kit Harrington). just don't expect the truncated plot and rushed pacing to knock your socks off. 3 stars / C+
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Seveth Son

By shadowdider1100
Written February 18, 2015
Watched in at IMAX we were the only ones their, Story was good, effects were good, all the actors did well,1ST time I took the time to rate
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Fun movie

By leighdeann
Written February 22, 2015
The action was pretty good and the pace was good. No big surprises. Plot was fairly predictable, but overall very fun to watch. I will definitely but the DVD when it comes out.
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