Seven Reasons to see Seven Psychopaths

By oliver1953
Written October 20, 2012
Number 1: Great script. Number 2: Tight direction. Number 3: Memorable, even lovable, characters. Number 4: Top-notch acting. Number 5: Violence!! Number 6: Head blowing hilarity!! Number 7: Plus a heaping dose of sweetness to round it all out.
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Dark and funny

By dbwraith
Written October 14, 2012
This is a dark comedy along the lines of Pulp Fiction. It is a must see, but is quite graphic. Not for kids or the squeamish.
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Wait for the DVD

By sunburn
Written October 16, 2012
This has a great cast. And I like the dis-jointed story line approach. You know, where there are alot of characters and multiple plots going on theat just pull together at the end? But this one doesn't deliver. The story for Christopher Walken was good, but he should have been allowed to extract some revenge for himself. And the advice he gives Colin Farrrel provides and ending that makes you just go "huh?" Sam Rockwell is good as always, but there is no explanation of his pscopathy, all the others seem to have a a back story. Tom Waites is fun, but they mention his wife as a psycopath but they don't bring her in. I'd say wait for the DVD, watch it at home When you don't have to commit much time to it.
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A funny,bloody psychopath movie...

By Movie Marie
Written October 15, 2012
Did everyone on here think this movie was going to be hearts and roses? Please it's about pschos but with funny moments...We (5) loved it. It is NOT a movie for children. It was bloody and then a joke would pop up as you finally realize who the psychos really are. You have to be warped a little to understand this movie. You have to be a connoisseur of sarcasm and blood to enjoy this movie. ALL the actors were believable in their parts. Sam Rockwell was the best! But then so was Walken and then so was Farrell but Woody was great too.Going again this coming weekend ....Does Bonnie live?
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Not so funny!!

By muvisiko
Written October 22, 2012
I wanted to see this movie because on the previews it seemed very funny, but the movie was not very funny at all, most of the movie was boring I was very disappointed, some of the parts were a little funny but not like expected!!!!! I would rent this movie and watch at home not in movie theaters is not worth it!!!!!!!!
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