Save your money

By Bad Dog Dude
Written July 26, 2016
VERY VERY slow paced boring movie. Like watching paint dry. If you're a HUGE fan of the Hollywood stars in this movie, then go. But despite the big name cast, there's very mediocre acting, a bad and slow-witted script, and amateurish directing. Way, way too much gore and violence. It appears the movie is trying to be a black comedy, a la Tarrentino, but it never gets close to getting there. And at $11 per person it's simply a non-ertertaining, and bad, investment.
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Seven Psychopaths

By Jeff from San Jose
Written October 28, 2016
Great movie! I was caught off guard. I did not expect the film to be as entertaining as it was. It had me laughing and very interested in the characters. The performances by Colin Ferrell, Christopher Walken, and Sam Rockwell were superb--there was great chemistry among the three of them. I highly recommend this movie, especially if you want great acting and a compelling story.
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Seven Psycopaths not for Sane People

By VanView
Written May 28, 2017
The only good thing about this movie happened after we got up and left about an hour after it started. We were presented with a Readmission Ticket to see another movie. The movie itself is not for any sane adult over the age of 50!
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By DateNightLover
Written October 13, 2012
While there were several funny punch lines in the movie, we were disappointed with the movie overall. Woody Harrelson wasn't as funny as I had hoped and the plot was all over the place. It would be an okay rental movie, but wasn't worth the outrageous theater prices.
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Walked Out! I hate that!

By littledd
Written October 21, 2016
I gave this movie time to redeem itself. Over an hour I sat there wondering what the critics were writing about. This movie had no plot. Just segments not even pieced together. Blood and violence abound with no purpose. The preview was edited to show a fun quirky storyline. Sadly the movie didn't. Not even worth a Red Box visit.
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