Seven Synopsis
Detectives (Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman) probe murders based on the seven deadly sins.
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Deeply Scary, Intense, Awesome Movie

By thesilentcat4
I would like to give a great pat on the back to the actor who played the murderer, giving his name will give away the surprise. This was chilling. Intense. A piece of art. And as those kids say,...

Seven review

By Therumrunner5

SEVEN = Perfect 10

By lugubriousthespian
David Fincher's dark, atmospheric, genius-serial-killer-on-a-rampage thriller keeps getting better and better with each viewing. Certainly in light of all these pale imitations like the SAW franchise...

Scary Good

By Rbastian12
While this film proved to be a large stepping stone for Brad Pitt, perhaps Morgan Freeman should have called it quits after Seven. One of the creepest thrillers of the 90's, and beyond the terror and...

By wzy

Se7en Review

By rocketjsl357
suspenseful and oppressively moody! but i didn't really get a shock out of the final scene at all - thought it was way too predictable - an unsatisfying conclusion for a very solid movie. however,...

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Rated R
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Common Sense Media says Grim, slick, shocking thriller. Older teens only.
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