Sergio Corbucci
Date of Birth
Dec 06, 1926
Birth Place:
Rome, Italy


A film critic turned assistant director, Corbucci began helming features in the early '50s. He's remembered fondly for his muscular sword-and-sorcery adventure tales of the early '60s, Romolo E Remo (aka Duel of the Titans) with Steve Reeves, and Maciste Contro IL Vampiro (aka Goliath and the Vampires, co-directed with Giacomo Gentilomo), both of which he also co-scripted. In the late '60s he moved on to that other quintessential Italian genre, the spaghetti western: Django, Un Dollaro A Testa (aka Navajo Joe), and The Mercenary. Corbucci's notable later work includes the comedies La Mazzetta with Nino Manfredi, Giallo Napoletano with Marcello Mastroianni, and Rimini, Rimini with Laura Antonelli. Corbucci occasionally signed his work with the pseudonyms Sidney Corbett and Gordon Wilson Jr. ~ Rovi

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