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By Docventure
Written November 29, 2015
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Must see for anyone who loves sci-fi

By Pandora07
Written February 11, 2014
Amazing. Best sci-fi movie in years!
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Faster, faster, faster would be better!

By tanukisan
Written September 11, 2014
That's what I said when I worked at the coffee worked. I love this movie. The one liners and sly references to other SF films hidden throughout make it a gem. The first time we see Malcolm Reynolds, he is the most jaded, cynical, been there, done that captain. I would follow him to the very gates of hell. I can't think of all the one liners in this movie...but I learned some of the Chinese. Sorry, I won't make apologies for that. The novelization gives more detail...reads exactly like the movie. Oh, did I mention other SF references? Try hunting for C57D. See what happens.
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By Haden93
Written March 05, 2015
lives to the Firefly and action/sci-fi fans
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Buy the Series

By schmeddy49
Written December 30, 2008
This crew made 23 television shows. Why didn't someone pick them up? The scripts are absolutely fantastic and the characters are so defined and the best. The movie was like the wrap up. I am sad that two characters had to be offed . . . but understandable. I adore this whole set up . . . buy the series on DVD. You will not be sorry.
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