Serbis Synopsis
A dysfunctional family runs a porn theater.

Movie Reviews

are you kidding me.?

By koevenm
sereously this made it to theaters!!! wow. c mon....

SERBIS = Fascinating Downbeat Drama

By lugubriousthespian
Filipino director Brillante Mendoza's slice-of-life/day-in-the-lives of the extended family members who run as well as live in a wretchedly dilapidated adult movie house in a grimy, poverty-ridden...


By squirrel72
WAAAAUYYYY TOOO SLO***W. A snoozer....


By aisleseatnyc
A explosion for the senses, you might as well have been there. Unlike Slumdog Millionaire, this film has nary a sentimental or exploitative frame. It is provocative, enlightening and well acted....


By Shivona
The film was made in a very modern format, almost a hand held camera with no extra sound effects added (it was almost like a documentary or a reality show). However, the overall effect was to make...


By qusheba
Fascinating take on sexual relations of a certain segment of life in the Phillipines. I don't know enough to say if it was a realistic take and I'm not even sure the film was trying to be realistic....

Good for a rental

By randomny
If you want to see a day in the life of a family with not so typical family drama problems than rent Serbis....

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Rated NR | For nudity, language and sexual content