Seraphim Falls is a great movie

By dixonroach
Written February 12, 2007
It's worth seeing on the big screen, has superb performances... I'm not sure why it's called Seraphim Falls though.
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Seraphim Falls

By sulejo
Written February 26, 2007
If you can sit still until the last twenty minutes, the movie then gets interesting. I was bored to death until then, because there is no understanding of why the events are ocurring. It's just a boring sequence of chase scenes. Once you understand what is driving the characters, you "get" it. But that info comes too late. I might have left early had there not been so many people to crawl over to get out.
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Captivating and with Quality, Despite Another Pursuit Film

By GlennWarren
Written February 03, 2007
The film was done with quality and intrigue, despite being yet another film about someone being relentlessly pursued. Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson's roles were very well acted--enough so to keep the interest level very high. It came with twists to distance it from the norm of such films. Anjelica Huston and Wes Studi's characters were very well done, pleasant treats.
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Slow but good

By moviefan35
Written January 30, 2007
Generally good western with slow points, but well acted, great backgrounds, and a strong start.
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By captaincb
Written January 27, 2007

for 2 very fine actors to be in this picture you

think it would be a decent movie,wrong,it was

a long drawn out chase with no reasoning why

and  is was not until the end you knew and it

really makes no sense,if want a good chase

movie buy  catch me if you can

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