Seraphim Falls Synopsis
In 1868 a determined hunter and four hired gunmen relentlessly pursue an injured man across Nevada.
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Seraphim Falls is a great movie

By dixonroach
It's worth seeing on the big screen, has superb performances... I'm not sure why it's called Seraphim Falls though....

Seraphim Falls

By sulejo
If you can sit still until the last twenty minutes, the movie then gets interesting. I was bored to death until then, because there is no understanding of why the events are ocurring. It's just a...

Captivating and with Quality, Despite Another Pursuit Film

By GlennWarren
The film was done with quality and intrigue, despite being yet another film about someone being relentlessly pursued. Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson's roles were very well acted--enough so to keep...

Slow but good

By moviefan35
Generally good western with slow points, but well acted, great backgrounds, and a strong start....


By captaincb
for 2 very fine actors to be in this picture youthink it would be a decent movie,wrong,it wasa long drawn out chase with no reasoning why and  is was not until the end you knew and itreally...

Chase to Hell ?

By Spacer
This move reminds me of The Naked Prey (1966), a relentless chase with little dialog. It does get a bit meta physical at the very end, but it still delivers by giving the audience a glimpse into two...

A new entry in the American Western pantheon?

By gilded
A thrilling, tight film that I think has the potential to included in the pantheon of greatest American Westerns. Wonderful acting from Pierce Brosnan and a somewhat less impressive, but nonetheless...

Seraphim Falls

By courty
Boring! Very uninspired ending - too many obvious practical errors in latter part of show on the desert....

seraphim falls

By normbo
started well then bogged down and got boring....

Seraphim Falls

By toxicology collector
It was a good western! I went because there are not enough made! It had alot of action! I love both Liam and Pierce so that is why I went!...

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Rated R | For violence and brief language