I actually had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of this film.

Written August 23, 2007
Unlike many of the people submitting reviews here I have actually seen the film and while it is not one most members of the LDS community would watch (because of it's R rating and their closed mindedness when it comes to film) it is still a film I would recommend. Personally I am a member of the LDS church and yes I do watch R rated films because film is something that I am passionate about. The claims by all of these people who have not seen it, that claim it to be propaganda, I don't really agree, but it also doesn't paint the best picture of the people involved. In the end it is a film that is largely fictional but uses some historical fact to tell the story. It is not any more of a documentary than the LDS Church Produced Legacy. I will say people in the LDS community do need to lighten up. All the crap you spout off in defense of our faith does nothing more than make people think we are a bunch of brainwashed cultists and unintelligent fanatics which only hurts our image more
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It seems everyone that is rating this has not yet seen it...

By carbonware
Written August 22, 2007
All the reviewers although trying to hide their true purpose are not indicating if the movie was well acted or directed, if the photography or music or even story is good. All they seem to care about is trashing the LDS church and this movie openly does while pretending to be a documentary. This despite the fact that most of the story is novelized, and no one knows the facts. Except of coarse the so called experts who all have a history of Mormon bashing and therefore void their right to claim partiality, fairness, or authority. It's just a hate tool pure and simple wrapped in a movie, acted, written, and directed by people who openly admit their religious bigotry.
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If you hate mormons, you'll love it!

By benny2000
Written August 25, 2007
Movie was made pretty well, but is NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!! Unfortunately, this movie seems to have been made to promote hate and intolerance of a people that they don't really know anything about. For someone who supposedly is appalled at this massacre, which most definitely was carried out in a spirit of anger and fear and inteolerance, they sure seem to be very willing to promote the same hate and fear and intolerance today, instead of helping to heal by portratying the events with basis in provable fact. Instead they are very content to tell a true, tragic story, in an untrue fashion. I think it is disrespectful to those who lost their lives that day to continue to promote the same things that caused their deaths.
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Roger Ebert gives it zero stars...

By pride_prejudice_fan
Written August 24, 2007
Roger Ebert gave this zero stars -- zero out of four! Here are a few of his quotes. He almost makes me want to see it just to see how awful a movie can truly be: "What a strange, confused, unpleasant movie this is....If there is a concealed blessing, it is that the film is so bad. Jon Voight, that gifted and versatile actor, is here given the most ludicrous and unplayable role of his career, and a goofy beard to boot. Stamp, as Brigham Young, comes across as the kind of man you'd find at the back of a cave in a Cormac McCarthy novel. The Christians are so scrubbed and sunny, they could have been teleported in time from the Lawrence Welk program.....I am trying as hard as I can to imagine the audience for this movie. Every time I make any progress, it scares me."
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This movie lacks a great deal of truth

By Jacosta
Written July 23, 2007
Anyone who presupposes that this film has truth as it's aim will be greatly mistaken "if" they do some research after or before seeing the movie. FACT - there is NO evidence that Brigham Young or any other ranking authority in the Mormon Church had any involvement wiht this tragic and horrific massacre. FACT - there is evidence that Brigham Young sent notices to the Mormon setllers in southern Utah a directive to leave people alone who were traveling through the territory. FACT - it has been discovered that recent letters point to a local job and that Salt Lake City and the Church had nothing to do with it. FACT - some of the statements that the film makes, as Brigham Youngs own words, are falsely misleading! FACT - the people who made this film are doing it based off sensationalism, money, and greed with a total disregard for the real truth or how it can truly make people perceive Latter-day Saints.
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