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A cloud of conspiracy surrounds the murder of more than 100 settlers in 1857 Utah.
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I actually had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of this film.

Unlike many of the people submitting reviews here I have actually seen the film and while it is not one most members of the LDS community would watch (because of it's R rating and their closed...

It seems everyone that is rating this has not yet seen it...

By carbonware
All the reviewers although trying to hide their true purpose are not indicating if the movie was well acted or directed, if the photography or music or even story is good. All they seem to care...

If you hate mormons, you'll love it!

By benny2000
Movie was made pretty well, but is NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!! Unfortunately, this movie seems to have been made to promote hate and intolerance of a people that they don't really know anything...

Roger Ebert gives it zero stars...

By pride_prejudice_fan
Roger Ebert gave this zero stars -- zero out of four! Here are a few of his quotes. He almost makes me want to see it just to see how awful a movie can truly be: "What a strange, confused,...

This movie lacks a great deal of truth

By Jacosta
Anyone who presupposes that this film has truth as it's aim will be greatly mistaken "if" they do some research after or before seeing the movie. FACT - there is NO evidence that Brigham Young or...

Laughable in its over-the-top depiction of Mormons

By casual_reviewer01
What a waste of a movie on a potentially compelling story. I expected more of the actors, but I guess under horrible direction, it is tough to do. Don't waste your money on this stinker. The...


By spgoofyft
Its too bad that a lot of people will assume that this movie is telling the whole truth. The MMM is not a secret and hasn't been ever since it happened. There is a nice article written by the new york...

I was hoping for a good western

By surfsup
and I was disappointed. I don't care about the politics or religious aspect of the film- I wanted to be entertained- and I wasn't. It was poorly done....

Election time propaganda.

By sceneitking
Funny how the director stated in an interview that he had never heard of Mitt Romney when he started working on the film 2.5 years ago. He must not have been watching the news, the Olympics, or...


By wcapurro
It is said that 'They disgraced humanity', and it is certainly the case. They did so almost as much as the Muslim fanatics do today. However, the only disgrace that still exists is the attempts by...

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Rated R | For violence
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Common Sense Media says Massacre movie casts Mormons in villainous light.
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