An interesting story..

By frascati
Written January 12, 2012
Acting was superb, the story interesting. Was not impressed by the directing of the movie, but altogether it is a movie to see.
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A++ But Tough to Watch

By William Kent
Written March 04, 2012
This movie deserved its Academy Award. Engrossing and emotionally honest, exceptional acting and production, but the emotions are so strong it is tough to watch. It is not popcorn entertainment, but more akin to reading a classic piece of tragic literature. I strongly recommend it, but not for casual fun. Go early and have dinner afterward to discuss it and allow yourself time to decompress. As a lawyer I found the courtroom and police department scenes fascinating - no lawyers in evidence but the legal and police processes seemed to work far better than the equivalent proceedings in the USA. The legal process seemed much more humane and civilized. In the United States our court system has taken on the appearance of due process while having lost the substance long ago, like so much in our society today, there is a cognitive dissonance between what we say and what we do, between reality and words. We could learn from Iran apparently in this respect.
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So Far and Yet So Near

By red carpet moviequeen
Written February 29, 2012
A Separation provides the viewer with up close insight to a society seldom seen except through the distant lens of the media. At the same time it dwells on universal issues of family, loyalties, truths and half truths, religion and justice. One cannot help but feel that the film makers were using the family situations and characters as complex metaphors for the political and religious schisms in contemporary Iran. This is a moving and gripping film on so many levels and well deserves the accolades which it has received.
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A revelation

By williekiss
Written January 22, 2012
What a fabulous movie. So many aspects of life are touched on.The acting is superb and it's fascinating to see normal middle-class life in Iran. There are no good guys or bad guys and anything and everything seem possible. Lots to think about.
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Good story .. good acting ,,, good director

By sravandi
Written February 04, 2012
The only thing , I can say , Its just a open window to see the other world culture , life , family ,... The acting were good and also director was worked well.
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