By racman1
Written December 07, 2011
the most exciting driver to ever race formula one the handsome charismatic aryton senna became a brazilian national hero and an icon to racing fans worldwide but you need to know the first thing about racing to be thrilled and moved by asif kapadia's high octane docmentary composed entirely from archival footage it is an edge of your seat documentary that explores the backroom politics bitter rivalries and the glamour of a sport that leaves no room for error at the same time it is a chracter study of a near mythic genius who was a man of uncompromising humanity and grace.okay when i went to the theaters to watch this movie i knew it was gonna be good i knew it was a documentery i saw the full movie and it was sad at the end cause aryton senna the main chracter of the movie dies at the 1994 imola gp he was only 33 or 34 years old i think and a lot of people were sad at the time this had happen to him the movie was about 2 hours and was my money's worth im glad i went to see this movie!!
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Great movie

By guugoo
Written February 25, 2011
a must watch
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A must see even if you aren't an F1 fan!

By ramonpitter
Written February 24, 2011
Fantastic documentary covering the life of the great Senna. I went in with high expectations after hearing all the sundance reviews and those expectations were surpassed. I am eagerly awaiting being able to own this in my DVD collection.
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Great life of a great man

By lpaster
Written February 22, 2011
This movie is one of the best documentaries and maybe overall movies I've ever seen, it is almost like an action movie especially when it builds up tension towards 1992-1992 and with all the stuff happening between Senna and Alain Prost and their revelry on the track and outside, with the climax in the black weekend. It's a very moving film, and I really really recommend to anyone to see it. It should get an Oscar.
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By The_Separator
Written December 15, 2013
A very one-sided, biased take on a genius of a driver. It plays up the drama between the drivers at bit much at times. Although it was interesting to see here where Senna came from, and his struggles through the ranks, the film was not able to capture him on an intimate level. He always remains as a distance, untouchable celebrity. Still, not bad for a film made out of decades old footage. The film did tend to drag on however, and certain parts, especially some of the stuff that had nothing to do with racing, could have easily been cut out (I skipped through some parts myself). I was left wondering how such a stunning driver could be defeated by such a seemingly trivial problem. As troubling as it is that the exact cause of the crash is not known, it is a reminder that he was human, but there is some comfort in know that he died doing not only what he love, but what he had to do. More reviews at
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