Selma Blair
Date of Birth
Jun 23, 1972

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Bob Balaban Eva Hesse
2016 Courteney Cox Mothers and Daughters
2016 Mira Sorvino Mothers and Daughters
2016 Sharon Stone Mothers and Daughters
2016 Christina Ricci Mothers and Daughters
2016 Susan Sarandon Mothers and Daughters
2015 Mary Lynn Rajskub Sex, Death and Bowling
2015 Melora Walters Sex, Death and Bowling
2013 Barry Corbin Anger Management: Season 02
2013 Martin Sheen Anger Management: Season 02
2013 Charlie Sheen Anger Management: Season 02
2012 Charlie Sheen Anger Management [TV Series]
2012 Charlie Sheen Anger Management: Season 01
2011 Beau Bridges Columbus Circle
2011 Kevin Pollak Columbus Circle
2011 Giovanni Ribisi Columbus Circle
2011 Robert Guillaume Columbus Circle
2011 Jason Lee Columbus Circle
2011 Christopher Walken Dark Horse
2011 Mia Farrow Dark Horse
2010 Jane Seymour The Family Tree
2010 Keith Carradine The Family Tree
2010 Hope Davis The Family Tree
2010 Dermot Mulroney The Family Tree
2010 Gabrielle Anwar The Family Tree
2008 Ron Perlman Comic Books Unbound
2008 Stan Lee Comic Books Unbound
2008 Guillermo del Toro Comic Books Unbound
2008 Roger Corman Comic Books Unbound
2008 Richard Donner Comic Books Unbound
2008 Ron Perlman Hellboy II: The Golden Army
2008 Roy Dotrice Hellboy II: The Golden Army
2008 Jeffrey Tambor Hellboy II: The Golden Army
2008 Molly Shannon Kath & Kim [TV Series]
2008 John Michael Higgins Kath & Kim [TV Series]
2008 Keith David My Mom's New Boyfriend
2008 Antonio Banderas My Mom's New Boyfriend
2008 Meg Ryan My Mom's New Boyfriend
2008 David Alan Grier The Poker House
2007 Greg Kinnear Feast of Love
2007 Jane Alexander Feast of Love
2007 Fred Ward Feast of Love
2007 Morgan Freeman Feast of Love
2007 John Hurt Hellboy: Blood and Iron
2007 Ron Perlman Hellboy: Blood and Iron
2007 Donal Logue Purple Violets
2007 Dennis Farina Purple Violets
2007 Edward Burns Purple Violets
2007 Debra Messing Purple Violets
2006 Ron Perlman Hellboy: Sword of Storms
2006 Stellan Skarsgård The Killing Gene
2006 Sam Elliott Lies & Alibis
2006 James Brolin Lies & Alibis
2006 Deborah Kara Unger Lies & Alibis
2006 John Leguizamo Lies & Alibis
2006 Frances Fisher The Night of the White Pants
2006 Tom Wilkinson The Night of the White Pants
2006 Nick Stahl The Night of the White Pants
2006 Janine Turner The Night of the White Pants
2005 Rade Serbedzija The Fog
2005 Sara Botsford The Fog
2005 James Woods Pretty Persuasion
2005 Christopher Meloni Pretty Persuasion
2004 Christian Slater The Deal
2004 Robert Loggia The Deal
2004 Kevin Tighe The Deal
2004 John Heard The Deal
2004 Tracey Ullman A Dirty Shame
2004 Ricki Lake A Dirty Shame
2004 David Hasselhoff A Dirty Shame
2004 David Hyde Pierce Hellboy
2004 John Hurt Hellboy
2004 Ron Perlman Hellboy
2004 Jeffrey Tambor Hellboy
2004 Guillermo del Toro Hellboy
2004 Marg Helgenberger In Good Company
2004 Scarlett Johansson In Good Company
2004 Topher Grace In Good Company
2004 Dennis Quaid In Good Company
2004 Malcolm McDowell In Good Company
2004 David Paymer In Good Company
2004 Miguel Arteta In Good Company
2004 Philip Baker Hall In Good Company
2003 Judy Davis Coast to Coast
2003 Fred Ward Coast to Coast
2003 Richard Dreyfuss Coast to Coast
2003 Paul Mazursky Coast to Coast
2003 Maximilian Schell Coast to Coast
2003 Saul Rubinek Coast to Coast
2003 Scott Caan Dallas 362
2003 Bob Gunton Dallas 362
2003 Kelly Lynch Dallas 362
2003 Jeff Goldblum Dallas 362
2002 Jason Lee A Guy Thing
2002 William Sanderson A Guy Thing
2002 Diana Scarwid A Guy Thing
2002 Julia Stiles A Guy Thing
2002 Julie Hagerty A Guy Thing
2002 James Brolin A Guy Thing
2002 Christina Applegate The Sweetest Thing
2002 James Mangold The Sweetest Thing
2002 Cameron Diaz The Sweetest Thing
2002 Parker Posey The Sweetest Thing
2001 John C. McGinley Highway
2001 Jake Gyllenhaal Highway
2001 Holland Taylor Legally Blonde
2001 Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde
2001 Raquel Welch Legally Blonde
2001 Luke Wilson Legally Blonde
2001 Linda Cardellini Legally Blonde
2001 Mary Lynn Rajskub Storytelling
2001 Franka Potente Storytelling
2001 Julie Hagerty Storytelling
2001 Paul Giamatti Storytelling
2001 John Goodman Storytelling
2000 Henry Winkler Down to You
2000 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Down to You
2000 Julia Stiles Down to You
1999 Christine Baranski Cruel Intentions
1999 Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions
1999 Sean Patrick Thomas Cruel Intentions
1999 Swoosie Kurtz Cruel Intentions
1999 Ryan Phillippe Cruel Intentions
1999 Tara Reid Cruel Intentions
1999 Louise Fletcher Cruel Intentions
1999 Reese Witherspoon Cruel Intentions
1998 Brad Dourif Brown's Requiem
1998 Harold Gould Brown's Requiem
1998 Christopher Meloni Brown's Requiem
1998 Brion James Brown's Requiem
1998 Michael Rooker Brown's Requiem
1998 Valerie Perrine Brown's Requiem
1998 Lauren Ambrose Can't Hardly Wait
1998 Seth Green Can't Hardly Wait
1998 Tara Reid Girl
1997 Glenn Close In & Out
1997 Joan Cusack In & Out
1997 Debbie Reynolds In & Out
1997 Kevin Kline In & Out
1997 Bob Newhart In & Out
1997 Tom Selleck In & Out
1997 Lauren Ambrose In & Out
1997 Whoopi Goldberg In & Out
1997 Matt Dillon In & Out
1997 Wilford Brimley In & Out
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