By i_hate_selfmedicated
Written September 07, 2007
It doesn't take long to realize that this movie is a wannabe Lifetime original...I say wannabe because even Lifetime originals have better acting and less preaching. This movie should be under comedy. Monty Lapica looks like he is at least 30, and yet he plays a 17 year old??? I mean cmon!!! And why does the mom have a wig on the entire movie?? And what's with the creepy jerking off convo he has with the hobo-angel?? And why do they act like marijauna is heroin??? Just don't see this movie!!!!! Just believe me, and not these other reviews...it doesn't surprise me that these people found this movie believable...it seems they'll believe in anything...
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One of the best films I've seen in the last few years

By jimterry101
Written September 01, 2007
I saw this movie at a film festival earlier this year and itwas quite simply the best independent film I've seen in recent years. The acting in this film is superb. The character study is amazing. The societal insights are haunting, but true! The shared humanity it exposes is painful at times but ultimately reaffirming and uplifting. Self--Medicated is an incredible motion picture, true to its meaning, and ultimately a very important and powerful film. Give this movie a chance, and see it. You won't be disappointed. It has excellent direction, excellent photography, it showcases credible performances by all its cast. But above all, it has a real story, real character development, and real power. One great movie from a very promising young director.
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By NevadaLVCC
Written August 24, 2007
Having grown up in Vegas it is easy to relate to the trueness of this film, which is depicted beautifully. The premier in Vegas at the Brennan theaters was a hit and I think that's what got this film to the big screen. Lapica is a natural actor and I wouldn't be surprised if he is Hollywood next up and comer. It's hard to impress me but these guys nailed it!!!! This years Little Miss Sunshine.....BET!!
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are you kidding?

By k8webster
Written September 03, 2007
enjoyed most of it until the cliched religious symbolism, and it was all downhill from there. the writer-director also stars in it, and not only is he completely unbelievable as a 17 year old, he really could have used an outside perspective to provide some balance. clearly the story was important to him as it's based on true events but it's so self-indulgent, it loses its way.
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Entertaining and Intelligent Film

By movie_snob_of_the_century
Written August 30, 2007
I went to a preview screening of this film on 8/28/2007 at the Fine Arts theater in Beverly Hills. I was really surprised. The film has none of the weeknesses of a small-budget, independent, first film. Instead, it's a well-constructed, well-paced, well-acted little piece of art. There was a Q&A after the screening and the write/producer/director/actor Monty Lapica turned out to be a bright, intelligent, well-spoken young man. The film is a real must-see. I'll definitely be watching Mr. Lapica to see where his career path takes him.
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