See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary Synopsis
Four deaf entertainers face obstacles in their quest to cross over into the mainstream.

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I saw what you said!!!

By twimom41
As a hearing person who has been a part of the Deaf Community for about 10 years now, I wanted to expose my 9 year old daughter to more of an understanding about the Deaf. She loves to sing and...

Loved it!

An eye opener about the deaf community/culture. A must see film!...

See what I'm saying

By love2asl
This movie is a MUST SEE , and I plan to go again and take my daughters. A wonderful movie made taking us through the lives of 4 Deaf entertainers and their struggles, a great experience for the...


By llindson
This film will touch everyone that watches it. Hearing, deaf, hard-of-hearing, doesn't matter. There is a part of this film, doesn't matter who you are, that will just hit you. Moments will...

Amazing movie about acceptance and perseverance

By lizoelker
This movie follows these four individuals who are deaf and are having a hard time connecting with the hearing world. it is meant to open our (hearing people's) eyes to the heartache they go through...

See it and Hear it!!

By wrian
Insight into another overlooked "minority" of entertainers and a peek into the lives of 4 people, from the Deaf community! It is a revealing, informative, moving, and funny; a look into the...

"See what I'm saying" -- Movie Review

By Howardpgoodman
I attended the World Premiere of "See what I'm Saying" and was profoundly moved by the film as well as the events before and after the screening. The movie does a great job of deepening into the...

See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

By teresaharn
AWESOME! LOVED IT! It touched my heart with compassion and joy for these great entertainers. THIS DESERVES AN OSCAR! I felt their heartache, struggles, and pride in accomplishments, and you...

See What I'm Saying

By janjazz
A terrific film documentary. Worth traveling 4 hours to see. Would gladly see it again, Hoping to purchase the DVD when it comes out....


By mieko831
This movie is a spectacular view into the struggles and successes of 4 Deaf individuals. It brings to light a perspective that is not very well known in the Hearing and mainstream worlds. As a member...

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Rated PG-13 | For some thematic material and language including sexual references