importance of joint family

By rbolla
Written June 24, 2017
Its a nice movie. story line is so so but the way the scenes were picturised were good. Mahesh improved a lot in his acting and Venkatesh could have done a lot better. Wow.. Anjali..she was pretty good. she is at her best in performance.
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Very good movie

By klynmp
Written April 25, 2017
Kudos to the entire team of SVSC for giving us a good sankranthi treat. Please do not go with the expectation of hearing lines like " maa thaaatha...maa vamsham..." which is BS in the first place. This is how a movie should be made.
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SVSC review - 3.5

By astfamily
Written September 25, 2016
Positives: Lovely music and songs with great lyrics. Great performance by all the stars. Both V & MB are handsome. Heroines are glamorous. Balanced both stars (V & MB) equally. Sreekanth Addaala worked hard and made the audience to sit 2hr. 39 min in the hall. Negatives: Comedy is missing. Seetha (Anjali) voice is not so good......may need dubbing artist. Story line up should have been taken care little bit. Why because I felt some elements are missing in story line up. Emotions and family relations are fine.....but..............middle class family members........MB not accepting one lakh Google job is ridiculous. V not working at all with mixed and confusing feelings. What kind of message the film unit wishes to convey to the people? Thanks to Dil Raju garu for producing wonderful movie. I like the movie and rate this movie with the score 3.5
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By deepakkumarc
Written March 25, 2017
This is Must watch movie.... Good Family oriented, Nice Comedy, these kinda movies only come once every few years. I watched my life watching this movie. I started acting like venky with my bro in real life after watching this movie......
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Sooo boring

By bharathwajspidy
Written January 11, 2013
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