• Released
  • August 5, 2005
  • Drama
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The Hollywood Reporter

Jakubowicz's direction is assured except in the film's final moments, when he makes a clumsy attempt at sociopolitical philosophy that is delivered by an omniscient narrator. It's an indulgence that threatens to undercut the ferocity that precedes it.
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The New York Times

The constant threat of violence and rape is difficult to endure, but the unpredictable Secuestro Express is more than just a dizzying thrill ride laced with small doses of pitch-black comic relief.
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New York Post

By V.A. Musetto
There's nary a dull moment in the semi-autobiographical Secuestro Express (secuestro means kidnap), as Jakubowicz pleases the eyes with closeups, sped-up scenes, hand-held camerawork and other stylized tricks.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
This is pulp with smarts and a social conscience.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
Zips along at an urgent pace, both tantalizing and repulsing as it goes.
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By Anna Smith
Illuminating as to the reality of being a victim of crime in a dangerous society but not exactly absorbing entertainment.
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
There's no denying the movie's visceral impact: It's too bad, though, that Jakubowicz isn't aiming for anything other than sensation.
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Chicago Tribune

By Robert K. Elder
Exploits the epidemic of kidnapping in Venezuela without offering solutions or insight--only sophomoric platitudes. Jakubowicz's talents as a filmmaker are many, but crafting an articulate, well-examined social theory isn't among them.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Jakubowicz successfully portrays a country corrupted beyond repair by financial inequality. But the sadism that drives the story is so gleefully nasty, it overshadows any rational arguments he's trying to make.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Walter Addiego
Has more in common with a horror movie than with a genuine political work.
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