Secret Window Synopsis
Writer is accused of steaing a psychotic woman's best story.
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Secret Window review

By Therumrunner5

its stephen king...

By heroeslover
i like johhny depp being in a stephen king movie. he should do more. it wasnt scary just creepy. but u should deff rent it......

Johnny Depp in a Stephen King Story? How could you go wrong?!

By Varvaro
This is one of the few roles I saw Depp play that wasn't Jack Sparrow and he was great. The plot was also pretty good but I would expect nothing less from King himself. I'm a bit surprised at the...

Crazy cool!

By MongrolMan
This movie has such a twisting story that it had me from start to end! This one had good acting, directing, writing, everything. See it for a nutty ride....

Depp's "Secret Window"

By Javajive
One of "many" Johnny DEPP's best films "Secret Window". Seened it on the big screen when first released in 2004 & also in DVD format. It's twist a chiller movie played with much clever wit &...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence/terror, sexual content and language
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Common Sense Media says It all feels recycled and re-recycled.
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