Enhanting & Creative Visuals & Lovely Music But I Fell Asleep Thru Most of the Movie

By pupmom
Written April 12, 2010
This movie's visuals are nothing like you've seen in a movie before: very enchanting, creative, colorful, dramatic, and a little out of this world. If only for the visuals and music, I would rate Kells a Must Go. Unfortunately, the story telling and voices lulled me to sleep about 20 minutes into the film, despite trying hard to keep my eyes open. I just found the narrative pretty slow and flat. (Mind you, I'm not a fan of violent, action packed movies, and I never can sleep on airplanes, not even the 14-hour flights from the West Coast to Asia.) Apparently, however, lots of other reviews of the movie are compelling.
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Beautiful fairytale, few words it- comes through in animation and music

By acstar
Written May 21, 2010
I wouldn't recommend this movie for children. It harkens back to when fairytales were truly scary becuase they were based on very real dangers. It takes place in a much more simple society with fundamental concerns of survival but there is still the importance of religion/sprituality and that that connection should not be lost to the people for the sake of survival. It is drawn flat but heavily stylized until you come to the book itself. The book that illuminates the soul and the connection to the divine is such breathtaking animation it seems impossoble to be made by human hands. It is a stark contrast to the heavy labors of daily life.
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A magical Irish animated feature

By mawnck
Written December 01, 2009
Brendon is an apprentice cartographer in the middle ages, secretly learning his craft while his oppressive uncle restricts his every move. He escapes from his walled city and meets a mysterious young girl in the forest .... This gorgeous hand-drawn fantasy animated feature from Ireland envelops you with eye-candy. The meticulous care with which every frame has been composed is obvious. The most comparable work is Disney's Sleeping Beauty, although the style is very different and very very Irish. There are some scary moments, including an artfully presented but still very intense village massacre, so leave the littlest folks at home. But if you're above the age of, oh, let's say seven, do not miss this. In a banner year for animated features, this is one of the best. It should be an Oscar contender, although with its 2009 one theater micro-release it may escape the Academy's notice.
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secret of kells, high recommend

By irockedwithazombie
Written March 15, 2010
- superb voice acting, abbot's gruffness conveys just the right doses of kindness, brendan's wide eyed idealism enlivens the little ginger boy in all our hearts and of course ashley's voice acting is otherworldly, there's no other way to describe it. - gorgeous art work, there's a wonderful interpretation of illumnation manuscript artwork in this film, the straight defining lines intermingling with the organic flourishes are well wrought motifs, thematically conveying the whole freudian thing that's going on. also i'm not sure me and the other guy who thought the movie was "confusing" saw teh same movie, any one with more than three braincells could understand the plot. where was he/she watching this movie where families were scurrying out? Khandahar? for the full review please read; [BLOCKED WEBSITE] or go to irockedwithazombie.blogspot.com
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Visual delight

By slythegrl
Written September 27, 2009
The visual complexity of the world surrounding these characters was unlike any I've seen before. I thought it was beautiful and interesting, almost mesmerizing, like the embellished calligraphy and art found in old sacred books. I also very much enjoyed the Irish soundtrack. This animated film was darker than I expected in some parts, with a lot of political innuendo. It has a PG rating for good reason I believe. I wouldn't bring young kids to come see it, as there are scary parts (various varieties: jump in your seat scare, creepy characters, "monsters," and mild violence). However, I found myself laughing and being delighted at the simple joy of other parts of the film. I think artists in particular will enjoy this movie.
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