• Romantic Fantasy
    Science Fiction
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A tragic trip to Las Vegas paves the path to a murderous mystery, and now it's up to one determined man to find out why his friend is dead in the one thriller that exposes the grit beneath America's most glamorous playground. Ren had withdrawn his entire life savings, and now it's time to try his luck in Las Vegas with his best friend Sing in tow. After foolishly challenging the most respected card shark in town, Ren is devastated to find that everything he ever own has been wiped out in one flash of the cards. When Ren's car crashes on the road back to Los Angeles and Sing is killed, a message left on his answering machine offers an ominous warning not to return to the flashy desert oasis. Now determined to find out just why his innocent friend had to die, Ren ignores the message and returns to Vegas to settle the score with the man responsible for Sing's death. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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