Freakishly boring !!!!!!

By zulurao1234
Written January 13, 2011
Welcome to the mind numbing intellectual dead zone..Movie about witches, devils and out of shape knight (nicholas cage). Save your cash for popcorn as you be eating tons of this due to boredom. Really a "snorefest' from the get go... Nicholas Cage is all over the screen swinging the sword and I don't know what else (could not figure out as devils always popped up in the middle!!!!). I was not sure whether to see his sword or remotely try to understand the story line. Movie was so unbelievable that I felt that it is vicious prank... medieval knight talking in southern tongue and Ohhhhhhhhhhh - do they say "I saved your a.. " in medieval europe, hair wigs falling off on actors eyes when they are having a sword fight and those helmets flying all over...... I was speechless. One way it was freakishly funny.
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action packed

By asjas81
Written January 08, 2011
Great movie, action packed and always on the edge of your seat. Very dark movie, I wouldn't take the kiddos to see it. It always keeps you wondering what will happen next.
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way to dissapoint nicolas cage

By cral20
Written January 09, 2011
Really nicolas have you fallen soooo far off the map of anything i would even remotely consider to be an actor....season of the witch?? more like season of the worst movie ever written and acted in and should have been straight to dvd...i cant believe i even paid money to see that 2 hour piece of crap! i was gonna jus walk out but thought to myself...."self, this cant be that
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season of the witch

By tanyamari11
Written January 08, 2011
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By maughermans
Written July 01, 2013
Scared the $h^t out of me lol
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