Very Good Sword and Sorcery Yarn

By Hoffmaier
Written January 08, 2011
Robert E. Howard would be proud: the genre that he helped create is alive and well in Season of the Witch. I went to this movie with low expectations, but as soon as the first dead witch rose from the water to kill her judge, I knew I was in for a treat. Next, like Spartacus, Cage is swinging his sword with Hellboy at his side. A regular medieval Sam and Dean Winchester. By the end of the movie, Cage and Hellboy are severing the heads of undead monks, just like they walked onto the set of The Walking Dead. Okay, so, it isn't 100% original, but it was a lot of fun. Ignore the critics, who don't know quality escapism when they see it.
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Close call

By RandytheMovieFan
Written January 06, 2011
Saw a free sneak peek and it wasn't bad, but just not good enough to recommend rushing out to see it. Plot is sort of "Kingdom of Heaven" meets "The Exorcist" but with acting, special effects, etc., a couple of notches lower than what we've come to expect from top movies. For example, the epic battles scenes at the beginning and ghoulish fights at the end tend to focus mostly on repetitive close-ups. I usually like Nicholas Cage but his role here as a war-weary Crusader is pretty boring. Thank goodness for Ron Perlman, who injects some life into the plodding script. There are a few scares, so this could be a good choice for a date movie if you want an excuse to grip hands ;)
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Better than expected

By Biggie21
Written January 10, 2011
I hadn't heard much of this movie and I admit I was very sceptical of this movie especially with some of the bombs Nicolas Cage has been in. But I was plesantly suprised by this movie. There is a lot of action and decent acting. Also a nice suprise was how intense this movie was and really keeps your attention. The story is good and executed well. I enjoyed the movie it is much better than a lot that has been coming out lately.
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Kind of a surprise

By cmacey78
Written January 07, 2011
Well surprisingly Season of the Witch was actually enjoyable. I cant seem to get it out of my head though that it kinda reminded me of another movie.....End of Days with Arnold. Just the way the movie built up and all. I have to admit though this movie was a lot more epic then Days. Not great, but worth a watch
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It was fun

By fresnodoggy
Written January 08, 2011
This movie was better than I thought it would be. Lots of action. They did a great job making you believe you were back in that time, you could almost feel the cold, damp, dark, air, everything made from wood and stone. Makes you greatful that you did not live back then. The movie was good too, not great, but good enough to go and see.
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