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  • New Movie Images: 'Iron Man 2', 'Clash of the Titans', 'The A-Team'

    Iron Man 2: While we wait for more interesting photos from Iron Man 2 to arrive online, we shall instead present you with this odd image of Tony Stark sitting in a donut shop in his Iron Man suit minus the helmet. How or why Iron Man arrives at the donut shop with enough time to sit down and partake in a tasty treat is beyond us, but color us interested to see what comes next (perhaps a stop off...

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  • Scoop This: 'Hancock 2' News, More 'A-Team' Casting and Halle Berry Fights Sharks

    Those of you anticipating that recently announced Hancock sequel will be happy to know that all those involved in the first film will indeed return for the sequel, including director Peter Berg, Will Smith and Charlize Theron. Berg revealed the news to MTV in a recent interview, and also teased that they have a big name in mind to take on the role of a third superhero. Unfortunately we'll have to wait...

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  • New Trailers: A-Team, Step Up 3-D and Salt

    Angelina Jolie is back in action as a special government agent who may or may not also be a Russian spy. In the film, Jolie's character goes on the run after she's revealed to be a Russian spy who' on a mission to kill the president. Only problem is she claims...

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  • Day 36: 'The A-Team'

    The highest compliment I can pay to The A-Team movie is that it made me want to watch the TV show. And for someone who reveres '80s movies and would argue that over the last 5 decades, the '80s had the highest output of fun...

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