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By skintight
Written October 06, 2007
I took my 6 year boy to this and we had so much fun he's still talkng about it. The 3D effects and CGI quality are top drawer. Usually nature shows skimp on this and the generated images end up resembling a video game more than a movie, but not this one. There were beasts in our oceans (over Kansas??) that I had certainly never heard of before. Even the usually corny archeological discovery re-enactments were cool and well done. A "time lapse" of the earth's landsape changing over 80 million years shocked us into the realization that we are but temporary denizens in a moment of a violent and boiling ground. AND there are PLENTY of in your face 3d monster moments to scare the glasses right off you. I've sen plenty of 3d movies in my day, but this was the first in a longtime to make me put my hands up in defense of oncoming pixels.
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Mesozoic Marine Reptiles

By natica
Written October 06, 2007
Absolutely visually stunning. An excellent package of showing "hands-on" field paleontology, restoration, and morphlogical interpretations. Very technically correct. I could have enjoyed another 40 minutes! Particularly informative was the view of the North American continent during the time of the Cretacous seaway from Canada to tthe Gulf of Mexico. I am a poaleontologist/geologist, and found the film far exceeded my expectations.
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Glad I didn't blink or go to the bathroom

By Fendrfan
Written October 08, 2007
At only 40 minutes long, I barely had time to make a dent in my popcorn before the movie ended and the lights came on. With a ticket price of over $12 for an adult, this movie should come with warning signs: Warning this movie is the most expensive and shortest you will ever see. Whoever decided to run this as a full feature vs a made for tv movie should be fired. What a rip off.
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half-hour of bore

By RgrHalo
Written October 07, 2007
This is not a movie that belongs in any theatre, except a viewing at a Natural History and Science Museum, included in the price of admission on a Saturday afternoon and your feet are tired after running after your kids and you want to sit down and entertain them for a half-hour. It is just that, a half-hour show that would best be shown on Discovery Kids. Any 3-D , 2-D hype, is just that, hype. It added absolutely nothing to the movie and the story which keeps flipping around, I think that was mostly added as filler to a 15 minute story of a pre-historic fish. BTW, we were the only two who WASTED our money at this showing.
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Bait and Switch

By thegipper
Written October 08, 2007
Wish I'd read the reviews before hand. At a mere 40 minutes the theater is cheating the movie goer by pricing this one as a feature length film. The 3-D effects and animation were, however, very well done. They did let us keep the 3-D glasses, in case we need them. Buyer beware!!!
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