Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure Synopsis
Follow a dolichorhynchops named Dolly as she travels through the oceans.
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educational, exciting, dramatic, the works

By skintight
I took my 6 year boy to this and we had so much fun he's still talkng about it. The 3D effects and CGI quality are top drawer. Usually nature shows skimp on this and the generated images end up...

Mesozoic Marine Reptiles

By natica
Absolutely visually stunning. An excellent package of showing "hands-on" field paleontology, restoration, and morphlogical interpretations. Very technically correct. I could have enjoyed another 40...

Glad I didn't blink or go to the bathroom

By Fendrfan
At only 40 minutes long, I barely had time to make a dent in my popcorn before the movie ended and the lights came on. With a ticket price of over $12 for an adult, this movie should come with...

half-hour of bore

By RgrHalo
This is not a movie that belongs in any theatre, except a viewing at a Natural History and Science Museum, included in the price of admission on a Saturday afternoon and your feet are tired after...

amazing photography

By S. Thompson
This film showcases amazing photographic recreations of prehistory based on archaeological findings. The 3-D format is quite startling, and I can imagine that elementary school aged children will...

Bait and Switch

By thegipper
Wish I'd read the reviews before hand. At a mere 40 minutes the theater is cheating the movie goer by pricing this one as a feature length film. The 3-D effects and animation were, however, very...

Sea Monsters

By lsolo
good for kids and adults to attend together--However, NOT for the timid child--they may get upset at some of the visual (and LOUD audio) effects. My five-year-old grandson "barely hung in there",...


I thought this was a very impressive 3-D movie done in a documentary style. I will go to see it again!...

what an awesome movie

By monclaire
i never imagine that 3d movie is as spectacular as this sea monsters. i was breathless. i feel ( my wife and kids too) that we are part of the movie. as if we are inside and one of the living...

Great for kids

By gcatt
Great computer graphics, wonderful 3-d effects, fun facts about very cool creatures. The only negative was the woodenness of the human actors, but the kids won't notice....