More like Scary Movie 5

By rockydoggies
Written April 16, 2011
The film opens spoofing itself but just trends like the best spoof of all, the very funny Scary Movie series. But the lines really get blurred when Scream 4 carries over the great and funny actor from the Scary Movies series Anthony Anderson. They might as well cast Anna Faris too. The deputies paid homage to the Keystone Cops and also Charlie's Angels in the way they carry their guns. The movie was bad, it was horrible. No spoilers here, but in the end you will see that the bad guy has no credibility as a bad guy, its a joke, like casting the Olsen Twins as serial killers would be credible, but Scream 4 tried to do it, LAME. I stuck the movie out, I give no time or respect for a review when the reviewer has walked out early on the movie. Trust me when I say this movie was more like Scary Movie 5 than a Scream movie. If you really want a hell of a scary movie then go watch Insidious. The reason why I watched this movie was because I really do like Scream 1,2, & 3,,,, just NOT 4.
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More funny than scary

By mallieg21
Written April 17, 2011
Was excited to see the film because there is nothin else out right now. The acting with some characters were better than others. The plot left a little to be desired. But overall the movie was entertaining.
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SCRE4M!!! :D

By DillanReed
Written March 29, 2011
Been a dedicated fan since the first one came out! I've watched all three films! April 15 here we come!
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By ozzy554
Written April 05, 2012
As a big fan of the scream movies i did really enjoy this movie. I will say at times the humor is a bit too much (especially the opening scenes) but overall i thought it was a really good movie
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Great movie, huge twists

By bluedev14
Written February 08, 2012
I love the whole Scream series because they're all completely satirical (which A LOT of people don't catch). This one does great justice to the slasher series and it was actually my second favorite one in the series (next to Scream 1). However, the huge plot twists are what made this movie. I had no idea who the killer was the entire time which i liked a lot. If you're not aware that this movie is supposed to be satirical then you may not understand why some things were the way they were. All in all great flick!
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