Scream 4 Synopsis
Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.
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More like Scary Movie 5

By rockydoggies
The film opens spoofing itself but just trends like the best spoof of all, the very funny Scary Movie series. But the lines really get blurred when Scream 4 carries over the great and funny actor...

More funny than scary

By mallieg21
Was excited to see the film because there is nothin else out right now. The acting with some characters were better than others. The plot left a little to be desired. But overall the movie was...

SCRE4M!!! :D

By DillanReed
Been a dedicated fan since the first one came out! I've watched all three films! April 15 here we come!...


By ozzy554
As a big fan of the scream movies i did really enjoy this movie. I will say at times the humor is a bit too much (especially the opening scenes) but overall i thought it was a really good movie...

Great movie, huge twists

By bluedev14
I love the whole Scream series because they're all completely satirical (which A LOT of people don't catch). This one does great justice to the slasher series and it was actually my second favorite...

Good ending

If you like the Scream series you will like the way this plays out. Nice twist, had me guessing till the end....


By pinktiny19
It was good a lot more action compared to the first three and to me better than all of them Wes craven did a good job!!!!...

The 20$

By not_sleeping
In my opinion this movie left much to be desired in many ways. When one can leave the theater and come up with what should have been more interesting or creative scenes or outcomes, it says little...

Awesome Sequel

By plopper
I really enjoyed this sequel in the Scream franchise. Good to see Sydney, Gail, and Dewey back on the big screen. 11 years was way to long....

Blood and Cheese

By strauss887
Scream 4 is what you would expect in a sequel. Plenty of jumpy moments, lots of blood and many cheesy moments that will make you chuckle. If you liked the other ones, you'll like this one....

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Rated R | For Strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Ghostface killer returns for more bloody slayings.
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