If you liked any piece of pop culture in the '80s or '90s...

By Auros
Written August 18, 2010
...then you should RUN, not walk, to go see this movie. My fiancée and I spent basically the entire film giggling maniacally. The cinematography and editing -- lots of quick cuts from scene to scene, without giving you an instant of down time -- combine with a script that never misses a comic beat, and over-the-top action, to create a confection for the eyes and mind that is unmatched in at least the past year, and perhaps the entire decade. To actually catch everything that was going on, I'm going to have to get it on DVD and pause every few seconds to take in all the details.
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A really Fun movie to watch!

By Marshquitos
Written August 13, 2010
Scott Pilgrim is Awesome! I had a great time watching this movie. Its a movie that blends the visual styles of video games and comic books into something I've never seen outside of a cartoon. I think everything in the movie works REALLY well the visual style, the comedy, the action and even the love story... Some movie snobs will call it cheesy and stupid but of course they are just snobs and can't enjoy anything They just bash the movie to sound "cool" and superior to everyone. I'm sure the hardcore fans will say the books are better and i'm sure they are and even a character in the movie says it towards the end. But all you need to do is sit back and get sucked into the world Scott Pilgrim and if you truly let yourself get sucked into this world i guarantee a great time. Oh and of course this movie is better as a group experience so start going through your contacts and invite Everyone!
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By melonsandia
Written August 15, 2010
Great movie. A Refreshing (not a sequel or remake) experience.
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Nerd Heaven

By njulien
Written September 21, 2010
Sure to be a cult classic. I loved it from the opening credits. Just when I thought it was getting a little slow, it got right back to the greatness. Loved, loved loved this movie.
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Simply Amazing!!!

By Ahiam94
Written September 21, 2010
When I first saw a commercial for this movie I thought that it had to be one of the oddest things in the world yet because of that I was entranced to go see it. So as soon as I could I went to see it and I was expecting it to be a pretty decent movie but what I got is now one of my all time favorite movies. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie their had already been about 8 Zelda parodies and that was part one of me falling in love with it. Second part was the awesome comedy, it had me laughing the whole way through. And the third part was the amazing fighting scenes, They were without a doubt the greatest, fastest, and most epic fight scenes I've ever seen and probably ever will see, it made it feel like as if I was watching an intense episode of Dragon Ball Z. This movie is mostly targeted for people who are into stuff like manga, anime, video games, and comics so if you're into that stuff go see this movie right now and if you aren't you will still really enjoy it. 10/10
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