Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Synopsis
A charming slacker (Michael Cera) must contend with his new girlfriend's many ex-boyfriends.
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If you liked any piece of pop culture in the '80s or '90s...

By Auros
...then you should RUN, not walk, to go see this movie. My fiancée and I spent basically the entire film giggling maniacally. The cinematography and editing -- lots of quick cuts from scene to...

A really Fun movie to watch!

By Marshquitos
Scott Pilgrim is Awesome! I had a great time watching this movie. Its a movie that blends the visual styles of video games and comic books into something I've never seen outside of a cartoon. I think...


By melonsandia
Great movie. A Refreshing (not a sequel or remake) experience....

Nerd Heaven

By njulien
Sure to be a cult classic. I loved it from the opening credits. Just when I thought it was getting a little slow, it got right back to the greatness. Loved, loved loved this movie....

Simply Amazing!!!

By Ahiam94
When I first saw a commercial for this movie I thought that it had to be one of the oddest things in the world yet because of that I was entranced to go see it. So as soon as I could I went to see it...

For Gamers

By Matt1700
This is a great movie for a gamer. All the little video game references keep a smile on your face the whole time. This also great martial arts sequences and action. Finally it has fantastic and...

An Amazingly Original Movie

By KodeKid
I can honestly say I have never seen a movie like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It is a movie based on a comic book inspired by video games which is a crazy concept that this movie somehow pulls off...

great TRIP to the movies. extremely funny and visual

By n2ofiend
Extremely great movie for a TRIP. Great characters/actors, great story and beautiful visual style. Had a ear to ear ecstatic grin the whole time. Great soundtrack. Wonderful time! This will be a...

Scott Pilgrim...

By corina92101
P.S. For those of you who haven't seen the movie and are already giving bad need to really shut it cuz Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was one of the most amazing movies ever >.< I was lucky to be able to watch the movie at Comic Con and the first 2 seconds of the movie was amazing. The movie was made in comic book/video game format and that probably sounds lame to some, but Edgar Wright pulled it off and the movie was truly amazingly epic. Each actor played their roles so well. If you've seen other Edgar Wright movies you would see some *emphasize on some* resemblance to his other movies, in a good way. :) This is a must see in the cinemas movie....

Five Word Review

By EzraHugeReview
This Film Is So Awesome!...

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Rated PG-13 | For stylized violence, sexual content, language and drug references
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