Great writing, great cinematography

Written November 09, 2013
I had no idea what to expect going into this movie. While I don't think Josh Duhamel is a bad actor, I wasn't sure he could sustain a movie with depth. I was pleasantly surprised, not only with his performance in Scenic Route, the movie as a whole. The great writing helped things immensely, especially the part when the two characters go back and forth about their opinions of each other's lives and then Duhamel's character confesses some things about his marriage. From that point on forward, I was invested in the characters and their relationship. As for the cinematography, the dusty, dry remoteness of the desert was captured so well that I found myself getting incredibly thirsty throughout the picture. I enjoyed it. And though some may not like it, I liked the ending as well.
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By AmiDoll
Written October 01, 2013
All in all this movie wasn't horrible... but definitely not the best either. It is worth watching if u haven't seen it and there's nothing else. For being based on true events it was a bit... Stupid. Not the reason for my rating, but ending left me uneasy... Watched it last night and it keeps popping in my head and turning my stomach.
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