As the title would suggest, this film, directed by Frederic Schoendoerffer, is a noirish crime drama about two forensic cops on the trail of serial murderer. Georges Fabian (Charles Berling) and Jean-Louis Gomez (Andre Dussollier) are put on the case when Marie -- the teenaged daughter of a couple who own a roadside cafe -- vanishes the day after the family dog disappears. Georges' schoolteacher wife is expecting their first child, while Jean-Louis' spouse walked out on him days after their daughter left home. The two discover a magazine daubed with Marie's blood in the eatery's lobby, and with the help of a police dog, they discover a canine corpse across the street. Later, when the bodies of a young white woman and a black man are unearthed sans heads and hands, Georges and Jean-Louis think that they have at last found Marie. In fact, they've hit upon a ritual murder similar to a series of killings that baffled the Belgian police in 1993. The two then begin to doggedly gather clues and witnesses. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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