Bad at the beginning middle and end

By kimbko
Written July 25, 2014
Four out of four of us would not see this again. I might watch another 5 mintues of it. Most of it was stupid. Good thing it was so short
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By deneralex
Written April 18, 2013
lets just say the ending bloopers was funnier than the entire movie.. not that funny. I watched all scary movies and I am a big fan of them. This is average. I doubt anything these days will top off scary movie 1 & 2. BUt some parts made me laugh.
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Are you tired of chasing a dream?

By fandango15
Written April 12, 2013
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Two showers later, still smell the stupid!

By anonymtempuser
Written April 20, 2013
Wow! Epic stupidity and I was smiling when I paid for the ticket! Should have read the reviews. This movie is not funny, has no intellectual or entertainm value whatever. This would not be so bad had I not taken my teenage girl to see it and had we not been surrounded by other innocent teenage kids. The movie rating agency of America most be full of the same washed up people in this movie cast. MRAA it is a serious job and you suck at it. To any kid, teenage reading and thinking about going to see this movie, this movie is about what's in the heads of washed up old nasty people who can no longer have what you have. Parents, forget the review agencies, this movie proves they are not to be trusted. Read movie reviews!
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Scary Movie V

By hernai
Written April 22, 2013
It was Hilarious...not for kids younger than 13..some parts suggestive..took my 13 yr old she loved it...worth the ticket price if you are a scary movie fan.
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