loved it

By anacristinaalvarezta
Written April 15, 2013
i loved the movie not as good as the other scary movies but i was laughing the whole time! i really loved the mix with mama and sinister! not the best movie but its good I LOVED IT!i loved ashlys acting
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Scary Movie V - Don't spend more than $1

By ComedyLovr
Written April 15, 2013
Just wait for the Netflix or Redbox to be available. Good for a chuckle every once in a while, but generally pretty dumb and even the physical comedy wasn't that great. Might have been worth watching had I had an afternoon to kill and only spent $1.
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Movie was all over the place

By Daniell424
Written April 13, 2013
This movie was just plain awful, with no real sense of direction. I found myself confused many times throughout the movie because of sudden change between one scene to the next without transition. although there was many parodies from recent movies, there was no real connection between all the parodies. In addition, if you didn't watch the movies that are being parodied, movies like Mama or Evil dead, you will not understand what this movie is about. Also, there were many funny parts from the official trailer that didn't make the cut in the movie.
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Scary Movie 5....Terrible

By Kimmd
Written April 14, 2013
This movie was beyond terrible! The acting is horrible, comedy was mundane and just plain awful. Save your money and pass on this. The theater was full of teenagers and a total of maybe 25 people. My fiancee fell asleep and we only stayed till the end because we paid $18.50 for this piece of trash attempt of a film. Hollywood is really reaching the bottom of the barrel. Disappointed!!!
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By cstull91
Written April 13, 2013
I'm a huge movie buff and I'm a huge fan of the Scary Movie Franchise....this movie should not even be included in the scary movie franchise.I know what your thinking, oh just another review bashing a movie, seriously DO NOT waste your money seeing this movie, no matter how badly you want to see it because you think it looks "funny" DO NOT! It will just piss you off and ruin your evening. There were people walking out the whole movie, but I for some unknown reason decided to stay and watch the rest with my girlfriend and her brother....We all walked out pissed off and wanting the hour and like freaking 10 minutes back from our life. I know I know your thinking oh maybe I'll still go, maybe this guy is wrong, but seriously...if you don't believe me about how bad it is, I'm sure there is a Cam download out by now that you can see what I'm talking about before you waste your time with this movie. Sorry for ranting im just pissed off that it got to theaters the way it is.
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