Funny and Stupid

By moodylove69
Written April 25, 2017
Scary Movie V had a lot of laughs, but too much time was spend on the femals making out. Katt Willam's part was sad, the man has talent,but it wasn't used in this movie. Men enjoy watching women make out, the director must have been a man. Recommendation: Keep the jokes coming and let the comics do their thing!!! I see this film going to cable real quick.
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By cstull91
Written December 06, 2016
I'm a huge movie buff and I'm a huge fan of the Scary Movie Franchise....this movie should not even be included in the scary movie franchise.I know what your thinking, oh just another review bashing a movie, seriously DO NOT waste your money seeing this movie, no matter how badly you want to see it because you think it looks "funny" DO NOT! It will just piss you off and ruin your evening. There were people walking out the whole movie, but I for some unknown reason decided to stay and watch the rest with my girlfriend and her brother....We all walked out pissed off and wanting the hour and like freaking 10 minutes back from our life. I know I know your thinking oh maybe I'll still go, maybe this guy is wrong, but seriously...if you don't believe me about how bad it is, I'm sure there is a Cam download out by now that you can see what I'm talking about before you waste your time with this movie. Sorry for ranting im just pissed off that it got to theaters the way it is.
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Horrible Addition to the Series

By Moive_Pro126
Written May 24, 2017
For starters, you can't even call it "Scary Movie" anymore because the two main characters aren't even in it! This movie is a sad excuse of a fifth installment. They say "Nothing can beat the first." Well in this case it didn't beat ANY other spoof ever made. It's sad that this ruined the whole series, but they chose to release this piece of garbage. Want my advice? Just go rent the old ones, and save your money.
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An Insult To Audiences

By MarltonAuthor
Written April 13, 2013
The Weinstein brothers should be ashamed to have produced such an asinine piece of total crap. There were over 50 people in the theater when I saw this turd, and NO ONE laughed, not even once. The humor is not only sophomoric, but they repeated the same gag several times, as if to suggest that the retarded audience can't get the gag. You know a movie suck when half of it is run during the credits, and even those cops were not funny. Save you money and buy toilet paper with it. The really "scary" thing about this movie is that it exists.
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Failed it's successor

By nicoleeagleroad
Written March 23, 2017
I was disappointed! I wish they would have stuck with Ana Faris!!! It had funny parts but not enough to hold the standard. The best part of the movie was Snoop Dog and Mac Miller! Definitely wait until it comes out on DVD. Not really a small child movie.I thin
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