Scary Movie 2 Synopsis
A supernatural sequel to the over-the-top "Scary Movie."
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so so

By glxy
so so...

Funny As Hell

By 619boy531
This one & the first are the best Scary Movies. 3 & 4 were pretty stupid. Perfect cast....

stupid yet good

By glxy2
good and stupid at the same time...

must see

By Dragon_Girl
You will be laughing the whole movie....

touch down

By JellyBellyEllie
This movie is finally makes a awesome series. I love movie that make fun of things!!!!! they make me crack up!!!!! you have to go rent it it will prove that scary things are funny!...


By geoelevation25
Disgusting and not funny at all...

The Scary Movies

By VampireCritic
These movies are really funny. I think this one and the first are the best of the series, followed by the third, and then the fourth. Not because the fourth one sucked, it was actually pretty good,...

Ok compared to the others!

By movielover3000
The other scary movie(1,3,4) were better than this one but that does not mean it was not good because it was and I recommen d it because there are many funny parts with actress(Anna Faris) in the...

By seminole-fannnn502

By jayzfan

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What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Dumb humor, insults, and gallons of bodily fluids.
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