The Original is not Afraid to be A Bit Destructive

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
I wanted to see the original and wasn't disappointed. But I am fond of the movies of that era ' 31 and forward. Understand the whole code thing and who was who in 1932. I really did not know until the opening of this movie that it was made to get the attention of the US Government about gangs and what was going on. They stated on the screen " this is a government of the people and what are the people going to do about it" and "what was the government going to do about it". Sound familiar? Made by Howard Hughes, Ben Hecht writing it and Howard Hawks directing - 3 important movie people of the time. Great character actors and familiar faces. Piece of film history and I am glad they have kept it. It's a real bang up number and is fascinating to see what parts of the story were followed in the Brian De Palma 1984 famous Scarface. This has an alternate ending in special features. I really am glad I checked it out.
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