Say It in Russian Synopsis
Andrew meets a Daria, a Russian girl, while on vacation and travels to Russia to meet her father.

Movie Reviews

A Beautiful Film

By puga1937
This is a very beautiful film. After watching it I left with a sensation of something fresh and light, no matter the fact that the content of the movie was not light. The leads were well matched,...


By moviegoer64
Say it in Russian “ I came for you, for you, I came for you but you did not need my urgency” Bruce Springsteen To follow one’s heart at the...

Looks Like a Big Film Not an Indy

By bonniedougherty
I saw this film in Chattanooga Tennessee at a red carpet premiere. It was so unlike any other independent film I have ever seen. It looked more like a real Hollywood movie. Nothing looked fake and it...

Say It In Russian

By rockeye
I must preface my comments by saying I love movies with mafia characters and hot women, so I was happy to run across the movie Say It In Russian while I was on vacation in Hawaii. (I guess everyone...

A modern day Hepburn?

By proxxy
Finally a feature film worthy of Hollywood. I would highly recommend it. And if I had the opportunity myself to see it again I would. Luckily it's coming out so don't miss your opportunity, as you...

A Great Indie Film

By jimmyw10001
Good Job! Its very hard to make a movie. And if its an independent film, seeing the "daylight" is equal to zero. Looks like these guys pulled it off. As a photographer, I can say that Say it in...

Bravo Imperia!

By Sigdaraan
“Say it in Russian” deserves all the awards it has won for production company Imperia Entertainment. It is an exciting creation by director Jeff Celentano, beautifully filmed on location in Paris and...

Hilary Duff was wrong about Faye Dunaway

By andydandy
Maybe its because she can't beat the sweeping success of Hannah Montana, but Hilary was definitely wrong about Faye. In Honolulu, where this movie won best picture, I was impressed with how young...

A Cinematic Gem!!!!

By george4movies
I saw this film at the Venice Beach Film Festival. Not only does it look like a big film, it sounds like one too wtih a beautiful orchestral score. Kudos to the filmmakers for finally making an...

The Little Movie that Could

By revam
I am a studen tof film. And as many of us I have big dreams for the future. Seeing Say it in Russian was incredibly inspirational for me. Its and American Dream in the making. Cmeing from...

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