Yet another awesome saw

By Zigs503
Written October 24, 2008
This movie was awesome!! although if your in it only for the blood and gore your probably going to be disappointed like a few of my friends.(not to say there's a lack of blood...trusts me) This series isn't about the blood and guts (they're just perks) its about the story and the twists.......this movie is about Hoffman and how he assumed the role as jigsaws accomplice, and they did a great job tying it in. Another exceptional addition!
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Another Saw!!!

By angie78090
Written October 24, 2008
I saw this movie last night during the Saw Fest that started earlier in the afternoon and after watching all of the previous Saw movies the anticipation was there for what was next. I really enjoyed this movie with all it's plot twists. I wasn't sure how much I would see of Tobin Bell but I wasn't disappointed. I like how it went into detail of how Hoffman became Jigsaw's accomplice as well as Agent Straum's relentless pursuit. Can't wait to add this to my collection when it hits dvd.
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By SuzyIrishAngel
Written October 31, 2008
My "Must GO" rating is specifically for those who have seen AT LEAST "Saw 3" and Saw 4" because to go in an see 5 without some "back-up" or familiarity with the characters and who the BAD GUY is, or who we THINK it is and even THAT changes from movie to movie - leaves an unfamiliar viewer gong, "HUH?" so that seeing a couple of prequels brings SAW V t together BEAUTIFULLY. (With the exception of some of the subtle nuances you REALLY had to watch all the movies to get.) My recommendation is to see SAW V - but do make an attempt to catch a couple of the prequels - before you go. It'll tie it all together for you and THAT is a lot of the enjoyment of the SAW series!! THEN GO SEE SAW V AGAIN!! THEY'RE (I mean ALL OF 'EM) ARE THAT GOOD!! Suzy, Alameda, CA
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My Favorite Movies

By Tjfkidd
Written September 27, 2008
Alright, lets get started, To begin, id just like to say that anyone who says if you watch these movies you are sick is just dumb. No, it doesnt make us serial killers and it doesnt mean we are cruel. All it means is that we enjoy watching one of the most devastatingly horrific yet still brilliant film franchises of our time. I myself am not a huge horror movie fan but one night i was flipping through my channels and i happen to come across Saw. At the time i thought it was going to be just another one of those movies where there are blodd and guts everywhere and no explanation why. Well i started watching it for about 5 minutes from the beggining... And i was hooked. Ever since then I've seen all 4 movie at least 3 times each and i think that they are all the greatest films I've ever seen. So call anyone cruel or terrible for loving these movies, but you can bet your life il be in that line on midnight to get it. Thats all- Tjfkidd
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By pdk327
Written October 10, 2008
The SAW franchise is incredibly intelligent, yet uncanningly twisted! Saw 1 - the ending is by far the best ever! Can SAW V ending top SAW 1, I sure hope so!!! Big SAW fan from Day 1!!!! Can't wait to see it!
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