By halloweenman1234
Written March 16, 2008
SAW II was good, but it still doesn't stand up to the first one I'd give it a B-.
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not so good

By glxy2
Written January 20, 2009
the movie is alright soso more of a paranoid psychological drama than a really good horrorfest for an hour and a half. no action and it was a let down.
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got to see

By Dragon_Girl
Written May 26, 2013
I have seen 1 and of course i got to continue seeing this and the next.
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omg great movie

By xxkarmaxx
Written December 31, 2007
this is was a great movie and donnie whalberg woohh 2 thumbs up fo u great acting by him.
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Interesting but not as good as the first

By redyeah
Written August 23, 2009
When this movie came out I expected a lot and got that much in return. The first movie however, blows the rest of the series away. It was so original,, gruesome, suspensful and entertaining. This one was most of those, but added a twist with Amanda. That kept it from being just any sequel, but does not make it a classic. Pretty good though. Wahlberg's character was great.
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