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Another bad shot at a good movie in the SAW franchise.

By mardfet
Written November 13, 2010
In my opinioon, the first three saw movies were a good horror movie trilogy that was very unique, interesting and creepy. However, the traps after that became so hard to do it was just unfair and it was too gorey. The final (hopefully) installment in this dull horror series has the worst traps, fakest gore, and the most laughably bad acting I've seen in a while. It's definetley the worst Saw movie there is, and considering how bad the saw franchise is, that is one hell of an accomplishment. Avoid this movie at all costs, and stick to the first three instead.
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Marked as "The Final Chapter", though I don't feel like I got closure at the end.

By Blindkenshi
Written October 30, 2010
What is there to say about this movie? Well if you're a fan of Saw, you get what you expect to see in a Saw film. You get blood, gore, and a lot of confusion. I walked into this not really expecting it to wow me like some of the previous films did, and I came out just that. Not impressed. Like I said in the title of this review, the ending of this movie didn't really give a feeling of closure so I left feeling empty and unsatisfied after leaving the theater. To me, the ending was weakly executed and the big surprise reveal wasn't as powerful as it was in the previous films i.e the ending of the first one. Another thing to focus on in this film are the traps. Apart from the opening trap of the movie and the car garage trap, the traps were weak in this movie as well. And another thing, if you watch this movie, the stupidity of the main character is unbelievable. You'll know what trap I'm referring to when and if you watch it. It was a hit or miss for me. Decide for yourselves.
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This so called final chapter may not be the final chapter afterall

By John Man
Written November 02, 2010
Saw 3D is as gruesome as ever, leaving you squeamish during most of the traps. Although this movie comes full circle around tying up almost every loose end, it also leaves you with the possibility of a future sequel. The plot twist is as unpredictable as before, only this time leaving you with a slap in the face saying "why didn't I put that together". Fans of the Saw series who has been watching it since the very beginning, will be satisfied on how well this story is tied to the rest of the franchise. If you are like me and waiting to see the reverse bear trap finally used to its full potential, then you should be buying your ticket now.
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saw the final chapter

By ggbull
Written January 31, 2011
the traps are more brutal and twisted than the other saw movies!! and better in 2D!!!!!!
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Very good ending...

By grincity2010
Written November 08, 2010
It was a lot better than Saw 5, but this one was a little bland in the middle when it talks about another created character for the movie. My wife and I were just waiting for that twist that we saw coming when Saw 4 came out. If you've been watching the series since the first it is definitely worth going to see. If they make an 8th one I wouldn't be surprised because it could tell all of the secrets that fans are still kind of wondering. Loved it, though. When it comes out I'm getting the saga immediately.
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