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Saw: The Final Chapter (2D) Synopsis
A Jigsaw survivor unleashes a new wave of terror.
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Really needed more 3D effects

By brookee84
The movie was a typical saw movie. It kind of didn't end like it would have been the "final chapter" but it was good if your talking about egde of your seat blood and gore. The only bad thing I wanna...

Saw: A Must see saga

By Sithfan53
Ok, I know these movies have been coming out like every year, but this one takes the cake. Not only will this be the first Saw film to be shown in 3D, but it will answer the question as to what...


By maxbarajas70
this is one of the best saw movies ever! It would be really better in IMAX 3D but it was really good and i liked how the series of this movie ended....

Five Word Review

By Jigsavv
Best Horror Series This Generation...

saw 3d

I went to go see saw3d earlier and the movie was great it shows another twist in the story that you never saw coming. The main thing that sucked involved all the hype about the movie being in 3d...

Another bad shot at a good movie in the SAW franchise.

By mardfet
In my opinioon, the first three saw movies were a good horror movie trilogy that was very unique, interesting and creepy. However, the traps after that became so hard to do it was just unfair and it...

This so called final chapter may not be the final chapter afterall

By John Man
Saw 3D is as gruesome as ever, leaving you squeamish during most of the traps. Although this movie comes full circle around tying up almost every loose end, it also leaves you with the possibility of...

Marked as "The Final Chapter", though I don't feel like I got closure at the end.

By Blindkenshi
What is there to say about this movie? Well if you're a fan of Saw, you get what you expect to see in a Saw film. You get blood, gore, and a lot of confusion. I walked into this not really expecting...

The Final Chapter....

By tinny
.... which should have been three movies ago. Saw 3D really upped the Gore factor, even for a saw movie. The 3D effects were weak, and the plot nearly non exsistant. There is atwist at the end as...

Saw The Final Chapter

By ghall26

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Rated R | For Sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, and language
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Common Sense Media says Seventh in grisly gore franchise adds 3-D to the mix.
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