By shawn man
Written October 29, 2010
I have seen and own every saw movie and I must say this one in particular surprised me. I went into the theaters with expectations that it would be pretty good... I was wrong it was amazing! Lots of blood and guts to feed the watchers interest. All and all I would say this is probably up there with the original saw.
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Great ending for the series

By mtbrans
Written October 30, 2010
I thought that SAW 3D was a perfect ending to this bloody and gory series. Once again they were able to come up with more ways to kill and maim people. Cory Elwes's cameo was a great thrill. One HUGE problem with the movie is that the 3D filming was a waste. There were very scenes in which the use of 3D improved the scene. Since I paid $14.50 to see it in 3D, I was very disappointed.
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Good Movie but not 3-D worthy

By moparmegan
Written November 03, 2010
The movie started out awsome but it did go down hill for me - still a twisted movie - definitaly not 3-D worthy - i will be buying it when it on DVD to add to my collection
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Saw in 3D

By mandrep
Written November 03, 2010
Very well put together. Great new Saw story.
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The Final Chapter

By HeavyseT330
Written October 29, 2010
This is a great ending to a well planned series. If you haven't seen them all then this won't be for you. Watch 1-6 THEN watch this perfect ending.
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