Could have been better

Written October 30, 2010
I have seen every saw movie opening weekend since saw 2 and was really hoping this one would finalize the series without any holes, but it didn't. If you have seen the others, see it, if not it's your call. great gore, light plot. They did leave a few last minute holes that could give way to more (if somebody decided to pull a Jason and have more after "the final chapter") there is new blood out there, lets just leave it at that. but as far as the "game" this time, felt like a hour long filler to get the last 15 minutes of story into the theater. okay, but left disappointed.
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By Dasean
Written November 08, 2010
Really good movie, very bloody and ended great. It had a couple of scenes that would make you laugh and try to look away at the same time. Blood being spit at you, good but it should've been longer.
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Oh Jeez...

By matt_fresh
Written October 17, 2010
Amazing there are enough dumb people on this planet with nothing better to do than see 7th installment in this ridiculous horror series. I mean, c'mon man... the first one was good, but after that they have become dumb and dumber (I stopped at Saw 3). What's next, Saw 8: Jigsaw vs Freddy vs Jason vs Predators vs Aliens vs Godzilla? LMAO.
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Saw 3D

By kayla0307
Written November 07, 2010
Awesome movie! best Saw movie to date
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For Fans Only

By GravnarWanderer
Written October 31, 2010
I am a cult follower of the saw movies. After i rented Saws 1 and 2 years ago, i was hooked and have seen all the rest in theaters. I even bought tickets for the 10-28 showing Ive followed the story through 6 movies and even though the plot of Saw 7 is generic and forgetttable, it was the ending that really made this movie worth it. The ending was unpredictable and filled most of the plot holes opened in Saws 4, 5, and 6. On the downside, the ending opened 1 plot hole. And its a plot hole you can drive a truck through. Anyone whos seen it understands what this plot hole is. For anyone whos a fan of the Saw series, this is a must see for how they ended it.
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